Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm Back!

Whoa... it's been a while since I've posted!!! I don't know if I wanted a blogging break (or wonders if anyone reads this?)... or I was being lazy.. or what, but it's been a while! We are doing great. We've had a great couple of months. I was off work for a month and really tried not to get on the computer at all. So that was a NICE break.

Asher is almost 18 months now and is getting BIG and SMART! He is talking up a storm. He can say daddy, momma, dog, duck, bye, stuck, oh and his FAVORITE word is Hi. He says Hi to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, at ANYTIME! It's so funny to me. We will be walking in a store and EVERYONE that passes he says "Hi" while waving. If they don't acknowledge him he says it louder with the attitude "Hello? Don't you hear me?". It's funny when someone walks by that doesn't want to say hi, but you can't resist the cuteness so they end up saying Hi anyway... LOL. It cracks me up.

We ROCKED Asher's world 2 1/2 weeks ago when he started preschool!!! He has had a hard time adjusting, but finally I think we are making progress. (aka.. no crying all day) !! He just loves his momma, right?... LOL.

Here he is before his 1st day!

He was happy that we were going somewhere, but had no idea what he was in for!!!

Later in the week I came a little early and saw this... LOL. so cute...

We also had family come in town over labor day... We had a beautiful weekend and it's always great to see them.

Asher with his cousins, Emma and Jesse.

The Berry Boys:

During my month off we were busy, busy, busy.. Here are a couple cute pics i got.

Go Dawgs! (They need all the help that they can this year... )

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