Thursday, May 20, 2010

Asher's First Playgroup!

Today we went to Asher's first playgroup! It was great. I had met a couple other mom's in Asher's kindermusic class and joined their playgroup! A wonderful mom had everyone over and we had a "Water Play" day! Asher had a blast. He was amazed at all the kids. He never really gets to play with other kids so I this was really good for him and wore him out!

Here is Asher with his little girlfriend, Anna Grace. Anna Grace's mom was in my sorority with me at Georgia!

Can you believe we got a group picture???

As we were taking the group picture everyone was yelling "CHEESE" and it made Asher upset! HA. I think it was too overwhelming for him and he stood right up and ran towards me and started crying.. LOL. Oh my little boy!

Notice everyone is fine.. still sitting... except Asher had enough! Too many people yelling! I'm outta here! (then he darted towards me crying... LOL)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hilton Head

We just got back from a vacation to Hilton Head Island. We had a great time! We all needed a vacation and so we celebrated Josh's birthday and Mother's Day by going to the beach! We always have the best time on vacation so it's nice to get away. Asher did great and had a blast. I really think this week he graduated to being a toddler. He isn't a baby anymore... :(

He got over his fear of the ocean and realized how much he loves the water. He learned how to stand up from a sitting position and walk around all by himself. He can walk/run anywhere now and nothing is going to stop him, and he likes pizza and ice cream! LOL. He was such a big boy this week.

So this is one of my all time favorite pictures...

and this one too! They look SO cute together! Such cute boys!

Outside of our place were these amazing flowers..

All week long we rode bikes everywhere. We tried to not get in the car at all. We rented a kid cart for Asher and he loved it. He actually fell asleep in it a couple times. Can you see his little head popping out of the cart??

My cutie in his ride...

The first few days at the beach Asher was a little scared of the ocean, but he warmed up and towards the end of the week the minute I let go of his hand he DARTED to the water. He couldn't get enough of the waves.

And we liked playing in the sand too..

At the end of the week our friends Brian and Jennifer came down to celebrate Josh's birthday.
We had a great time. Went to the pool, beach, and oh yeah.. Jennifer and I kicked the guys butts at Cranium. :)

It was so great to spend the week together! Asher really had a great time... and so did we!

I can't wait until our next vacation!!!!