Thursday, May 20, 2010

Asher's First Playgroup!

Today we went to Asher's first playgroup! It was great. I had met a couple other mom's in Asher's kindermusic class and joined their playgroup! A wonderful mom had everyone over and we had a "Water Play" day! Asher had a blast. He was amazed at all the kids. He never really gets to play with other kids so I this was really good for him and wore him out!

Here is Asher with his little girlfriend, Anna Grace. Anna Grace's mom was in my sorority with me at Georgia!

Can you believe we got a group picture???

As we were taking the group picture everyone was yelling "CHEESE" and it made Asher upset! HA. I think it was too overwhelming for him and he stood right up and ran towards me and started crying.. LOL. Oh my little boy!

Notice everyone is fine.. still sitting... except Asher had enough! Too many people yelling! I'm outta here! (then he darted towards me crying... LOL)

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