Saturday, February 20, 2010

A good cause...

Somehow I came across this family blog... i think it I found it from a friend, of a friend's blog... I don't really remember. But the little boy, Jonah, is about Asher's age and has a rare skin disease, EB. I don't know much about the disease, but it really touched me, and reminded me that Josh and I are so blessed to have such a healthy little boy. I think we take it for granted sometimes. I try everyday to to be thankful for everything I have in my life, even on those bad mood days. :)

So Jonah's family and friends are holding an auction and all the proceeds to go DebRA(, which is the organization trying to find a cure for EB. They have a lot of great stuff.. and for those of you Winston-Salem folks... they have some stuff like photographers, in your area... they also have gift cards, so even if you pay $20 for a $20 gift card.. at least that $20 is going to a good cause!!

Here are the websites in case you are interested. The auction is from Feb. 23-27th. Go and bid so they can find a cure for this cute boy, Jonah!!!

The Auction site:

The family blog:

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