Friday, December 4, 2009

Finally a post...

Wow.. where has time gone??? Things have been great, but very busy in the Berry house! I swear there isn't enough time in the day anymore... So much to do, so little time! :) Asher is doing GREAT. He is 8 months old now and almost 19 pounds. He is crawling, trying to stand up, playing with toys, eating like a full grown man, and really turning into a little guy! He still has a very chill attitude and doesn't get upset very often which is really nice! He is a very good little baby. We are eating 3 huge meals a day. 8-10 ounces of food at a sitting. That's a full plate load! And he still opens his mouth waiting for the next bite. He is still having skin issues (ezcema and cradle cap) and had to start taking his first dose of an antibotic recently, but hopefully his skin will clear up soon! Oh.. and we are just waiting for that first tooth. I swear he has been teething forever and he is about to get his 2 bottom teeth any day.. I can even see white under the skin. They just haven't broken through yet.

We had a great thanksgiving. We spent thanksgiving up in Chattanooga and then went down to Atlanta for the weekend. It was great to spend quality time with our family.

These are our 7 month pics! We get to take our 8th months pics in just a couple days!

After Thanksgiving we decided to take a trip to the zoo! it was a lot of fun.. Brooke had a blast and Asher loved being out. We don't get out much during the week so he gets really happy when we are out in public.. LOL. He even did great with missing his naps!

Asher likes bath time... we've been bathing him in the kitchen sink b/c it's just easier on me! This isn't the best picture but check out those eyes!!!

Humm... Do you think Asher is going to take after mom and dad and work with computers?????

Asher got one of his Christmas presents early... He got his own "Man Chair". LOL. He'll get it again from Santa on Christmas morning, but we already let him play with it. It's an awesome chair.. it's faux leather and looks like a real man chair! It's hilarious.

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